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India: October 2018

India’s startups

News from 10/2018

A round-up of October 2018’s tech startup news headlines from India, gathered from online technology news media.

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  • India: GamingMonk e-sports startup secures $550K; global market expected to hit $1.8BN   //   read it here
  • India: Internet and Mobile Association forms panel to promote augmented, virtual and mixed reality technologies   //   read it here
  • India: Techstars picks Bengaluru for country’s first city-based accelerator   //   read it here
  • India: Niramai takes aim at identifying breast cancer using AI   //   read it here
  • India: Edge AI expected to drive the next wave of innovation   //   read it here
  • India: State Bank partners Hitachi on projects including future-ready digital payments platform   //   read it here
  • Indian telecom industry to set up 1M WiFi hotspots by end of 2019   //   read it here
  • India: A collection of startups working in various domains in health and medical technology   //   read it here
  • India: FarmersFZ, online marketplace allowing growers to sell vegetables, fruit and others directly to customers in Kochi, lands funding   //   read it here
  • Internet and Mobile Association of India to form blockchain committee aimed at industry skills development   //   read it here
  • India: The Indus Entrepreneurs partners US embassy for Scale-Up Fellows, follow-on women’s entrepreneurship program   //   read it here
  • An intro to 11 Indian startups working on AI in healthcare   //   read it here
  • India: Internet services value estimated to hit $124BN by 2022   //   read it here
  • ‘Investors will find the next 5 years better than the last 5 in India’   //   read it here
  • India: An intro to POWERED Accelerator’s 6 women-led energy startups   //   read it here
  • A brief intro to how 3 cities in India are working towards ‘smart city’ identity   //   read it here
  • India: Report states tech startup base has grown to 7700 in 2018, but seed-stage funding has declined   //   read it here
  • India’s OYO hotel chain unveils $100M plan for Indonesia; sights on launching in 35+ SEA cities by 2019   //   read it here
  • India: An intro to the 11 fintech startups selected for batch 1 of Financial Inclusion Lab   //   read it here
  • India: An intro to Entropik Tech’s EmotionAI, aiming to make AI emotionally perceptive around consumer responses   //   read it here
  • India: Artha Venture Fund plans startup accelerator program aiming for 20, alongside entrepreneurship school   //   read it here
  • India: ClearTax online tax return filing and investment platform lands $50M   //   read it here
  • India: GalaxyCard fintech startup gets users an instant digital credit card, free of charge   //   read it here
  • India: Tesseract modular AR headset startup wins Asia Hardware Battle 2018 in Shanghai   //   read it here
  • India: Droom online auto marketplace closes second $30M round inside 6 months   //   read it here
  • India: China’s Xiaomi smartphone maker moves into money lending after dominating handset market   //   read it here
  • India: Worxogo cognitive AI startup secures $2.2M with HR and performance focus   //   read it here
  • India: Hiver SaaS startup focusing on shared inboxes raises $4M   //   read it here
  • India: GuruQ edtech startup secures $330K in pre-A funding   //   read it here
  • Australia: NSW Gov’t, Macquarie Uni and Optus launch NSW-India Cyber Security Exchange, providing 10 NSW cyber-sec startups with India opportunities   //   read it here
  • Singapore: AsiaCollect fintech startup expands into India by acquiring CreditSeva   //   read it here

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