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Indonesia: Q4 2020

October, November & December 2020
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The quarterly collection of Indonesia’s tech news, below, provides you with a brief, one-page source for Q4 2020’s tech startup news headlines from Indonesia across October, November and December of 2020, drawn from Startup News Asia’s monthly Indonesian tech news coverage and our daily tech news feeds.

Headlines listed are, like our monthly summaries, hyperlinked to the online articles behind each Indonesian tech news headline – no middle-man platforms getting in the way, no misattribution or misappropriation of ownership or authorship – which provides Indonesia’s tech enthusiasts with instant, one-click access to the news platforms and journalists responsible for each tech article featured.

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Indonesia: Lexipage messenger app

December 2020

Startup & Funding Landscape - Wild Digital

November 2020

Desty Store

Internet access stats

October 2020

East Ventures

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