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February 2024: Australia

Australia’s technology news headlines across February of 2024 touched on a range of industries, applications, issues and developments, including: Australian agricultural tech startup funding; the government’s Boosting Female Founders startup initiative; the addition of nickel to Australia’s critical minerals list; quantum technology services entering Australia; and more.

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Critical technologies February 2024

Critical technologies, globally: February 2024

DDoS Cyber Attacks in 2023 in Asia Pacific

StormWall: DDoS Cyber Attacks in 2023 in Asia Pacific

Quad Cyber Vulnerabilities

ORF: Fixing Cyber Vulnerabilities – An Agenda for the Quad

US Tech workers boost Australia’s tech ecosystem

Harnessing hidden value: US Tech workers boost Australia’s tech ecosystem

Australia semiconductor manufacturing

ASPI: Australia’s Semiconductor Manufacturing Moonshot – Securing Talent

Australia Quantum Strategy

Australia: National Quantum Strategy

Australia Cyber Threats Report

Australian Signals Directorate Cyber Threat Report 2022-2023

“…the 2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy includes $78M of investment in submarine cables in the Pacific through the AIFFP [Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific]…”

Panthur web hosting Australia

Panthur: Web Hosting in Australia

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Semiconductors in 2024 - Deloitte

Deloitte: Global Semiconductor Industry Outlook in 2024 –

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Critical technologies, Quarterly - Q4 2023

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