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Extras: April 2022

Online news coverage of the tech and startup ecosystems in the countries featured here tends to be ‘light’ when it comes to English language online media. Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Thailand – and Myanmar – do have their own ecosystems, but these are often served in their own languages, and with little outside coverage.

Below are quick highlights of each country’s tech news headlines from April 2022, as covered in the English-language online press.

Cambodia’s tech news: April 2022

Sri Lanka’s tech news: April 2022

Thailand’s tech news: April 2022

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Cambodia: April 2022

Startup Cambodia

Startup Cambodia / Events, ecosystem, resources

Sri Lanka: April 2022

Myanmar & Chinese surveillance tech

Myanmar & Chinese surveillance tech

Thailand: April 2022

Geopolitics of the Metaverse / Eurasia Group

Geopolitics of the Metaverse / Eurasia Group

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