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November 2021 index

Asia’s startups in November

November 2021 saw, amongst other tech news, the continuing rise in popularity of NFTs – nonfungible tokens – and the technologies, platforms, developments and innovations connected with them. Industries across the board started to noticeably pay attention, with a number of projects and experiments in the overall NFT space surfacing, from publishers looking at monetizing photojournalism, through to K-Pop music labels exploring fan-focused add-ons.

And we also had word of Wild Digital Group‘s next conference, an exploration of all things crypto-related, set for April 12 & 13 2022.

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AusPost: Australia's Online Shopping 2021 report (pdf)

AusPost: Australia’s Online Shopping 2021 report (pdf)

Wild Digital Crypto Conference / April 2022

Wild Digital Crypto Conference / April 2022

Asia's tech e-news

Asia’s tech e-news

Malaysia FinTech Week 2022

Malaysia FinTech Week 2022

Vietnam: HCMC Innovative Startup & Tourism Competition

Vietnam: HCMC Innovative Startup & Tourism Competition

‘Quieter’ jurisdictions

When we say ‘quieter’, we mean locations in Asia that, for whatever reason, have a lower volume of tech and startup news coverage out in the English-language online press.

Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Cambodia each, for different reasons, have lower levels of startup news coverage, and so we’ve consolidated the four of them on one page, linked below:

Cool Points Club / Blockchain & climate change

Cool Points Club / Blockchain & climate change

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