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February 2021: Asia's startup news

Thailand: October 2020

Thailand’s startup news in October 2020

The Thailand startup news items listed below were collected from a variety of online media sources covering Thailand’s technology, startup and funding scenes in October 2020.

Each Thailand startup headline featured links to the news article behind that headline, giving readers two things immediately: an instant overview of Thailand’s startup scene in October of 2020; and one-click access to each Thailand-focused startup news item.

Headlines here were featured in Startup News Asia’s daily updates.

Thailand-focused startup headlines here deliberately provide a ‘wide angle’ collection, rather than narrowly focused, and cover a wide range: from obvious news like a Thai startup trialing a new product, to the scheduling of a future Thai startup conference.  The aim with such a wide focus is to provide a better, broader understanding of Thailand’s overall startup scene.

Thailand: Let's Plant Meat

Facebook / Bain: Riding the Digital Wave (pdf)

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 BOOM21 Conference Southeast Asia 


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