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Unicorn Battle South East Asia / April 29
March 2021: Asia's tech news

China: December 2020

December 2020’s technology and startup news headlines from China, drawn from the daily Startup News Asia feeds

The China tech news headlines listed here were gathered from a range of free-to-read online news sources, each covering China’s tech startup and funding developments in December 2020 in some way.  Headlines listed are each linked to the full news article behind that China technology news headline, delivering an overview of China’s tech startups, along with background info on particular technology developments in China.

Bear in mind that December is a quiet news month for the tech startup space; for a fuller picture of monthly startup news from China and beyond, take a look at 2020 in review.

Startup news headlines from China featured below are drawn from Startup News Asia’s daily tech news feeds, delivered on social media and via mobile app.

China: Attention Factory - TikTok and ByteDance

China: The flipside of China's CBDC

Free WeChat - China

Xinjiang Data Project

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 Unicorn Battle South East Asia / April 29 2021 


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