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China: September 2018

China’s startup news

September 2018

The startup news headlines linked below list September 2018’s startup news headlines for Australia, with links to online news sources for each item reported.

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  • China’s Import-Export Bank set to offer $328M loan to Nigeria aimed at ICT sector growth   //   read it here
  • China: Miotech AI startup pulls investment insights from financial data   //   read it here
  • China: Liulishuo AI-powered English language learning app preps for $100M US IPO   //   read it here
  • Microsoft establishes Asia AI research center in Shanghai   //   read it here
  • China: Liulishuo AI-driven language learning app sets sights on IPO in $100M-$300M range   //   read it here
  • China: Supreme People’s Court recognizes blockchain-derived evidence as legally binding   //   read it here
  • China: Baidu search giant launches subsidiary to research blockchain applications with $7.3M funding   //   read it here
  • China: Laidian power-bank sharing startup partners blockchain solution for online and offline applications   //   read it here
  • China: Zhongshan city now using blockchain-based system to track convicts on parole   //   read it here
  • China: Crypto crackdown continues with WeChat blocking mining and price prediction accounts   //   read it here
  • China’s cybersecurity market expected to hit $15BN value by 2022   //   read it here
  • China: Online hotel bookings hit 91M monthly active users in Q2 2018   //   read it here
  • China: Miss Fresh e-commerce food startup lands $450M   //   read it here
  • China: Maoyan Weying movie ticketing app aims for $1BN HK IPO   //   read it here
  • China: TianTianXueNong secures ‘tens of millions of RMB’ for agricultural education in lower-tier cities   //   read it here
  • China: An intro to Shanghai’s use of ‘entrepreneurship visas’ to lure foreign talent   //   read it here
  • China: An overview of Shanghai’s Yangpu district – 19 innovation parks, 21 scientific parks, 1200 entrepreneurs   //   read it here
  • China: MotionEco startup turns ‘gutter oil’ into green fuel to tackle problem of reuse by eateries   //   read it here
  • An overview of how China’s banks are turning to tech companies for help   //   read it here
  • China: Alipay and UnionPay partner for cardless and barcode payments   //   read it here
  • China: Cocos-BCX game developer backed for $40M with blockchain-based approach   //   read it here
  • China: Regulators to limit number of new online games and total titles as state targets ‘gaming addiction’   //   read it here
  • Google’s China search engine to link every user search to their phone number   //   read it here
  • China’s Xiaomi awaiting regulatory approval to launch Mi Pay in India   //   read it here
  • China’s largest insurer to adopt blockchain via partnership with Singapore’s VeChain   //   read it here
  • The world of the future likely to have two separate internets – one heavily censored, the other warts-and-all   //   read it here
  • China: Alibaba Cloud partners myDevices for cloud-based ‘IoT in a box’, focusing on retail, healthcare and hospitality   //   read it here
  • China: Banma, Alibaba’s IoT and internet-connected car startup, raises $233M, valuing at $1BN   //   read it here
  • China: Vivo smartphone maker launches IoT move with smart home Jovi IoT platform   //   read it here
  • China: Viomi internet-connected home appliance maker preps for $200M NASDAQ IPO   //   read it here
  • China: Beijing Internet Court unveiled, powered by facial and speech recognition technology   //   read it here
  • China: An intro to Yidu Cloud, making sense of the medical records of 1.3BN people   //   read it here
  • China: Jianke online healthcare platform lands $130M with underserved regional focus   //   read it here
  • China: An intro to BingoBox, 24-hour cashier-free convenience store chain   //   read it here
  • China’s iQiyi online video giant takes stake in Vin Diesel’s forthcoming xXx4 movie production   //   read it here
  • An interview with GoGoVan’s founder on the challenges of expanding into mainland China   //   read it here
  • China: Haidilao hotpot firm sets sights on $963M Hong Kong IPO   //   read it here
  • China: Chongqing city to establish $7.3BN semiconductor industry focused fund   //   read it here
  • China: Huawei Pay pilots electronic IDs in government-focused integration move   //   read it here
  • China: A look at Meituan Dianping – 340M users ordering groceries, paying bills, renting bikes and booking hotels – and aiming for $52BN valuation   //   read it here
  • China: GSR Ventures raises $400M fund to focus on early-stage tech startups   //   read it here
  • China: 3 trends to consider regarding WeChat mini-apps   //   read it here
  • Japan’s SoftBank Ventures Korea arm launches $300M fund focused on China’s early stage tech startups   //   read it here
  • China: RUSH! bike ride-hailing app wins Startup Weekend Macao Women Edition   //   read it here

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