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February 2021: Asia's startup news

Taiwan: October 2018

Taiwan’s startups

News from 10/2018

A round-up of October 2018’s tech startup news headlines from Taiwan, gathered from online technology news media.

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  • Taiwan: IBM partners StarFab Accelerator to bolster startups on the Taiwan AI x Robotics program   //   read it here
  • Taiwan: City of Taipei and Tesla partner on clean energy startup incubator and hub   //   read it here
  • An intro to Taiwan’s moves into digitally-driven democracy   //   read it here
  • Taiwan: Asia Blockchain Accelerator launches to support local blockchain applications and founders   //   read it here
  • Taiwan: An intro to Blue Ocean’s connected precycle smart bins – auto ID, geo-location sensors, weight and fill sensors to identify and reward users   //   read it here
  • Taiwan’s HTC Exodus blockchain-based smartphone debuts, sold only via cryptocurrency   //   read it here
  • Taiwan: Youuxi startup launches AI-based copywriting platform   //   read it here

 BOOM21 Conference Southeast Asia 


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