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China: October 2018

China’s startups

News from 10/2018

A round-up of October 2018’s tech startup news headlines from China, gathered from online technology news media.

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  • Huawei to invest $23M in OpenLab branches in India and Thailand over 3 years   //   read it here
  • A look at the frightening levels of citizen classification in China’s police databases   //   read it here
  • China’s activists using blockchain to document MeToo stories   //   read it here
  • A list of the Fortune 500 companies currently doing business in China’s Xinjiang region   //   read it here
  • Germany’s Munich Re reinsurance provider partners Plug and Play to engage with China’s up-and-coming insurtech startups   //   read it here
  • China: Shanghainese man sentenced to 3 years in prision for selling VPN service   //   read it here
  • Infographic: One minute in China’s tech scene   //   read it here
  • China’s JD e-tail giant partners Google for flagship online store in the US   //   read it here
  • China: An intro to Shiji, enterprize software firm already serving more than 47K hotels outside of China   //   read it here
  • China: SummitView Capital partners Xuzhou City for $433M fund focusing on IoT and sensor industry growth   //   read it here
  • China: Ucommune coworking space operator makes 5th acquisition this year in battle for China dominance with US rival WeWork   //   read it here
  • China: Royole rollable display maker hits $5BN valuation   //   read it here
  • The ultimate guide to WeChat Articles, provided by 31Ten (pdf)   //   read it here
  • China’s WeChat Pay to be payment option at 600 outlets in Singapore from November   //   read it here
  • China’s Alipay partners HMSHost for seamless payments in airports across US and Canada   //   read it here
  • Changemakers For China launched by StartupBlink and Taovation, aiming for startup-enterprise relationships in China   //   read it here
  • International Financial Corporation and China’s Ant Financial announce 10×1000 Tech for Inclusion program   //   read it here
  • China: Shenzhen government takes control of leading chip maker Tsinghua Unigroup   //   read it here
  • Made in China 2025: A look at how 5G could put China in charge of the wireless backbone   //   read it here
  • China: Cobo cryptocurrency wallet startup gains $13M funding for international growth   //   read it here
  • How China’s AI exports seed high-tech surveillance far beyond the country’s borders   //   read it here
  • China’s Ant Financial takes $100M stake in Brazil’s StoneCo fintech   //   read it here
  • China: Terminus IoT solution provider secures $172M with 70 cities and 8000 projects   //   read it here
  • China: 36kr tech media platform launches $144M VC fund aiming for integrated entrepreneur service ecosystem   //   read it here
  • China’s Huobi crypto exchange unveils expansion plans for Africa, Middle East and South Asia   //   read it here
  • China: NextVPU AI and computer vision startup raises $28M from state-owned group   //   read it here
  • China tests technologies spanning AI, facial recognition and fingerprinting at border crossing of HK-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge   //   read it here
  • China now requires blockchain-based info service providers to register users’ real names, censor posts and store user data   //   read it here
  • China: Alibaba Cloud launches Blockchain-as-a-Service offering globally   //   read it here
  • China: Cobo cryptocurrency wallet startup raises $13M to enter US and expand in SE Asia   //   read it here
  • China: Momenta autonomous driving startup secures new funding, hits $1BN valuation   //   read it here
  • China: 36Kr tech-focused media firm establishes $144M venture capital fund   //   read it here
  • China’s Gobi Partners VC firm commits to invest $50M in women-founded startups   //   read it here
  • China: Atlas coworking startup secures funding on $871M valuation and rapid growth   //   read it here
  • China: Full Truck Alliance ‘Uber for trucks’ reportedly heading for near $1BN funding   //   read it here
  • China: Tencent internet giant reportedly raising new VC fund of over $650M   //   read it here
  • China: Authorities can now enter any internet services entity and copy information relevant to ‘cybersecurity’   //   read it here
  • China: Online gaming market *decreased* to US$8.29BN in Q2 2018   //   read it here
  • China: 656.88M search engine users as of June 2018, 637.4M via mobile devices – market expected to hit US$20BN   //   read it here
  • Google CEO recently spoke for the first time about its censored China search engine, Project Dragonfly   //   read it here
  • China: Tencent now using facial recognition to detect minors playing mobile game   //   read it here
  • China: Jiangsu Province to issue electronic marriage licenses via Alipay   //   read it here
  • China: Baidu ‘mini programs’ reach 100M monthly active users since July launch in move following WeChat   //   read it here
  • China: Liulishuo English-learning app raises $72M in US IPO   //   read it here
  • India: China’s Xiaomi smartphone maker moves into money lending after dominating handset market   //   read it here

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