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November 2018 News

November 2018’s startup news headlines from China: A collection of news items linked to the online news source for each headline.

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  • China: XinChao Media elevator TV ad firm backed to $302M in part by Baidu search giant   //   read it here
  • China: AEYE-GO secures investment for AI-driven self-checkout systems   //   read it here
  • A brief video look at Alibaba Cainiao Automated Warehouse, China’s largest   //   read it here
  • China: An intro to the recently-announced Blockchain Test Zone in Hainan island’s Free Trade Zone   //   read it here
  • China: 3 banks complete first trial payment on blockchain-based settlement system   //   read it here
  • China: Ucommune coworking giant raises further $200M, hitting valuation of $3BN   //   read it here
  • People’s Bank of China central bank set to clamp down on airdrops, the free distribution of cryptocurrency tokens   //   read it here
  • China: Alibaba launches low-cost smart screen for the visually-impaired   //   read it here
  • Infographic: A quick breakdown of Alibaba Group’s US$12.4BN earnings in Q3 2018   //   read it here
  • Alibaba’s Hema Supermarket set to have 100 stores running in China by year-end   //   read it here
  • China: An overview of Alibaba’s e-commerce marketplace stats for Q3 2018   //   read it here
  • China’s Alibaba partners Rwanda for Electronic World Trade Platform   //   read it here
  • China: A look at Shenzhen city’s sustainability moves – 16000 e-buses and 13000 e-taxis by year-end   //   read it here
  • China: Ping An Insurance Group to deploy additional $100M from Ping An Global Voyager Fund, its first overseas $1BN fund, by year-end   //   read it here
  • China: Baidu search engine giant unveils AI-powered camera tool aimed at detecting ocular disease   //   read it here
  • China: VIP Peilian online music education platform secures $150M   //   read it here
  • China: Finger music education platform lands $14M for offline market move   //   read it here
  • China: An intro to Makeblock, HAX accelerator graduate startup with robotics kits used by 6M users worldwide   //   read it here
  • China: New trading venue set for Shanghai to make it easier for high-tech companies to access funding   //   read it here
  • China: In Q3 2018 Tencent platforms hit 7BN daily short-and-mini content video views   //   read it here
  • An overview of concerns around China’s tech moves in Africa – AI, facial recognition, surveillance   //   read it here
  • China: WeChat had 61M elderly users (between 55 and 70) as at September 2018, near 20% of China’s elderly population   //   read it here
  • China: Royole FlexPai foldable smartphone set to reach market in December, beating Samsung   //   read it here
  • China: Huawei to partner Audi for self-driving tech in cars made in China   //   read it here
  • China: Royole display maker unveils first foldable smartphone, the FlexPai   //   read it here
  • China’s ZTE telecoms giant helping Venezuela build citizen monitoring system via ‘fatherland card’ ID   //   read it here
  • China: Beijing’s Zhongguancun district unveils plan for $2.2BN support for early-stage tech projects   //   read it here
  • China: An intro to the country’s short video, gaming and e-commerce live streaming platforms   //   read it here
  • China: WeChat now hosts over 1M mini-apps, with 200M daily active users   //   read it here
  • China’s Shunwei Capital raises $1.21BN fund, focusing on Indian investments from seed to C series   //   read it here
  • India: Venture Catalysts early-stage investment firm launches incubation centre in partnership with ChinAccelerator   //   read it here
  • India: An overview of Huawei’s goals in IoT and smart cities tech with the OpenLabs initiative   //   read it here
  • Indonesia: CashCash, Chinese fintech firm, gains funding while website and app await license to operate   //   read it here
  • Fintech MOUs form part of Singapore-China (Chongqing) Financial Summit aiming at financial connectivity along the Belt and Road   //   read it here
  • South Korea’s Hyundai to launch innovation centers in Silicon Valley and Shenzhen for startups in autonomous driving, AI and future tech   //   read it here

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