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China 12/2018

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News from December ’18

Each startup news headline for China linked below leads to the online news source for that item, gathered from online tech news coverage.

Daily startup news from across Asia:
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  • China: Scientists discovered to be losing track of gene-edited CRISPR patients   //   read it here
  • China: Government announces its sat-nav system, Beidou, has achieved global coverage, removing reliance on US-led GPS   //   read it here
  • China: Yuanfudao homework app secures $300M, hitting $3BN valuation   //   read it here
  • Is 2019 the year in which China buys its partners and expands into the West via ownership?   //   read it here
  • China: Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shenzhen emerging as challengers to Silicon Valley   //   read it here
  • China: 8th Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index released   //   read it here
  • China: WeChat messaging giant adds Snap-like ‘Stories’ clone   //   read it here
  • China: Self-service ‘mini-gyms’ of 5 square metres emerging in major cities   //   read it here
  • China looks to private capital, open source tech for global tech advantages in low-profile adjustment to trade war woes   //   read it here
  • China: Online retail B2C market in Q3 2018 hit US$186BN in transactions   //   read it here
  • China: Baidu search giant to invest $140M in development of mini-program ecosystem   //   read it here
  • International cooperation on China’s state-run hacking likely to shape 2019   //   read it here
  • Taiwan’s Foxconn planning $9BN China chip project in trade war adjustment   //   read it here
  • China: An overview of what’s wrong with Huawei, and why countries are banning the telecommunications firm   //   read it here
  • Sunshine Insurance Group partners Plug and Play China, aiming for insurtech startups   //   read it here
  • China: WeChat Pay launches AI-based automatic scan-and-pay for parking at over 1000 shopping malls   //   read it here
  • China: An intro to Deepwise, startup using AI to interpret medical imaging   //   read it here
  • China: An intro to the 15 startups selected for the 2nd Ping An Cloud Accelerator program   //   read it here
  • China: YunDing smart lock startup lands US$87M backing, in part from Baidu internet search giant   //   read it here
  • China: 4Paradigm AI-driven firm secures $145M with corporate-focused data science software suite   //   read it here
  • The comparative strengths and weaknesses of China’s Tencent Music and Sweden’s Spotify   //   read it here
  • China: TransWiseway transport system startup secures $103M with ‘internet of vehicles’ platform   //   read it here
  • China: A look at Qutoutiao news app, using a pay-the-user-to-read strategy which has so far drawn 20M daily readers   //   read it here
  • Matrix Partners China raises additional $77.9M for broad-focus 5th fund   //   read it here
  • The globalization of Beijing’s media controls: Key trends from 2018   //   read it here
  • On Bloomberg: The Chinese government’s plan to sideline bitcoin’s promise   //   read it here
  • People’s Bank of China has registered 78 digital currency patents; 44 blockchain-related   //   read it here
  • China: Alibaba e-commerce giant registers new chip-making subsidiary, Pingtouge, in Shanghai   //   read it here
  • China: Fuyoukache online truck logistics service provider raises $170M   //   read it here
  • China: A look at the ‘water army’ phenomenon – paid internet trolls who flood negative online reviews away for clients   //   read it here
  • A look inside China’s global propaganda campaign   //   read it here
  • ‘I wrote about Chinese oppression in a South African paper. Hours later, they cancelled my column.’   //   read it here
  • While tech giants debate the dangers of facial recognition, China forges ahead   //   read it here
  • China: Yaoshibang pharmacy platform and app raises $133M   //   read it here
  • Video: Social commerce currently the most interesting segment in China market according to ZhenFund CEO   //   read it here
  • China: Starbucks partners Alibaba e-commerce giant to launch ‘virtual store’   //   read it here
  • JUST’s vegan mung bean egg set to enter Chinese market in 2019   //   read it here
  • Airbus China Innovation Centre and Royole flexible display startup partner around flexible electronic tech in aircraft development   //   read it here
  • China: An overview of ‘venture capital with Chinese characteristics’   //   read it here
  • China: Bitmain crypto mining firm partners state-run China Mobile for AI development   //   read it here
  • China: An intro to Spacety microsatellites startup   //   read it here
  • China: Watchdog works on online credit blacklist system to punish debt defaulters and ‘trouble-makers’ aiming for 2020 social credit rollout   //   read it here
  • China’s JD and Intel partner on Digitized Retail Joint Lab to explore use of Internet of Things in smart retail solutions   //   read it here
  • China: Yitu AI-powered facial recognition startup expands into speech recognition   //   read it here
  • China: Fresh Buddy social e-commerce app and food delivery system secures $100M   //   read it here
  • China: Shenzhen tax bureau partners Tencent for blockchain invoice system via WeChat payment platform   //   read it here
  • China: Central bank warns that rejecting cash as a form of payment is illegal, following merchants going digital-only   //   read it here
  • 7-Eleven partners WeChat Pay and Alipay for Canada-wide availability   //   read it here
  • Earlier this year, China’s central bank warned merchants against refusing cash payments, concerned over financial stability in the face of mobile payments   //   read it here
  • China: 4 ways Google’s Dragonfly will fuel authoritarianism and state surveillance   //   read it here
  • An in-depth look at how China’s fintech firms are enacting a global coup   //   read it here
  • China: BOX cryptocurrency startup backed by Intel, Nasdaq for corporate supply chain financing services   //   read it here
  • China: Mogu online e-tailer selling fashion and cosmetics aiming to raise $67M in US IPO   //   read it here
  • Chinese VC’s search for ways to profit from foreign startups   //   read it here
  • China: G7 IoT-based fleet management startup raises $320M backed by Tencent   //   read it here
  • China: Face++ AI facial recognition startup reportedly raising $500M at $3.5BN valuation   //   read it here
  • China: Zhejiang province to invest near $14BN in tech and medical innovation, with gov’t pushing financial institutions for additional $42BN   //   read it here
  • China: An intro to Infervision, using AI in detecting cancer cells   //   read it here
  • China: As cryptocurrency losses exceed $706BN, investors back off from blockchain and crypto startups   //   read it here
  • China: ByteDance to raise $1.45BN for venture fund focusing on AI and media content   //   read it here
  • An overview of China’s Didi Chuxing ride-hail app’s growth in Australia   //   read it here
  • China: Weibo monthly active user numbers grew to 446M in Q3 2018, 93% of traffic from mobile devices   //   read it here
  • Baidu, China’s Google clone, leads AI patent applications in China with 2368 filings   //   read it here
  • China: An overview of the top mobile apps by total downloads and earnings in October 2018   //   read it here
  • China: Mobvista mobile advertising and analytics platform aiming for US$208M IPO via Hong Kong   //   read it here
  • China: WuXi AppTec medical technology platform raises US$1BN in Hong Kong listing   //   read it here
  • China: Alibaba speech recognition algorithm can now isolate voices within crowd noise   //   read it here
  • China: WeChat-powered hotel lets guests check in, enter rooms and get breakfast using mobile phone   //   read it here
  • China: Xiaomi’s smart speaker now has over 34M monthly active users   //   read it here
  • India: China’s Xiaomi launches Mi Pay beta with bank partnerships to take on Google Pay et al   //   read it here
  • India: China’s Xiaomi opens 500 bricks-and-mortar Mi Stores in one go   //   read it here

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