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Cybersec news: December 2020

Cybersecurity and datasec news headlines from December 2020
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Cybersec news headlines featured here were gathered from a wide range of online, free-to-read datasec and cybersec news platforms, each covering aspects of digital threat technology in December 2020.

Our cybersec news summary aims to provide a wide-focus look at cyber threat technologies across implementations and situations; covering a range from national security breaches to reports on malware, for instance.

Each cybersec news item listed is hyperlinked to the full news article or report behind it, providing you with 2 things; a quick-reference overview of December 2020’s cybersecurity news, and instant, one-click access to further detail on a particular cybersec, datasec or privacy related issue.

Cybersecurity news items here were drawn from Startup News Asia’s daily updates, delivered on social media and mobile app.

Cybersecurity Threatscape Q3 2020 (pdf)

eSET Cyber Threat Report Q3 2020

Singapore's Cybersecurity Strategy

Veriff Fraud Report 2020

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