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YUGO Private Aviation

Yugo Private Aviation
expands its destinations
in the Philippines

Yugo, the Private Aviation company, is pursuing growth in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia, supported by its improved Technology Platform.

YUGO Private Aviation

Yugo, the fast growing regional private aviation brand, has recently released its newest charter routes in the Philippines as well as in Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia; a sign that the Southeast Asian private aviation company is gearing up for growth in Asia Pacific.

Leveraging on its network of private jets and helicopters, Yugo is the first air mobility platform that connects Southeast Asia to the whole of Asia Pacific.

With only a few clicks and based on their preferences, users are able to request or search flight of private jets and helicopters from a curated inventory of available flights and routes.

YUGO: Private Aviation, Southeast Asia

Currently Yugo has been expanding in the Philippines and has been growing its local Filipino customers in less than a year, amid the on-going health and sanitary crisis.

According to Ms Camille Ngo, Yugo Commercial Operations Manager:

“Our mission is to provide the possibility for our customers to fly private anywhere, anytime, by helicopters or private jets.”

Camille, who is leading the commercial operations in Asia, adds “We are evolving together with the industry towards a more sustainable approach to improve aviation as a whole, taking into account environmental aspects and societal responsibility”.

Today, in order to propose charter flights to over 150 destinations in Asia, Yugo has built a fleet of more than 50 aircrafts in its network, from some of the aviation industry’s best aircrafts manufacturers such as Gulfstream, Bombardier, Cessna Textron Aviation and Dassault Falcon private jets as well as Bell, Airbus, Leonardo or Robinson helicopters. The jets and helicopters are selected for the comfort and privacy of Filipino and Asian passengers from Dubai to Boracay, from Cebu to Bali, Davao to Shanghai or El Nido to Johor Bahru, or Tuguegarao to Subic, traveling for business or leisure.

YUGO: Private Aviation, Southeast Asia

To build its growth, Yugo’s young and dynamic team of engineers and developers have been working hard on the reliability of its network and has added a growing team of experienced aviation professionals who are all highly passionate aviation lovers.

Jim Baldy, CEO of Yugo commented:

“Covid-19 has reshaped the travel industry since 2020. This is possibly one of the most challenging chapter of aviation in history and it has greatly tested our resilience. We have adjusted our value proposition as well as our hospitality and butler services to best serve our customers in the most flexible, safe and secured way possible. And with all the obstacles and difficulties we faced due to the pandemic, we had to find ways to innovate and move forward through 2020 and 2021.”

From the Philippines to Southeast Asia and the rest of Asia Pacific, popular flights include on-demand helicopter flights, helicopter tours, airport transfers, transfers to private islands, cross border medical flights, in country emergency evacuations, cross border business jets flights.

Jim Baldy is very enthusiastic about the growth in the Philippines thanks to the build, build, build program of the Philippine Government.

“We have seen an incredible progress in terms of infrastructure development in Metro Manila, with several projects completed by the DPWH and DOTR, together with private sector initiatives such as the Skyways, Bridges, Roads, which will drastically decongest and improve the lives of millions of Filipino. We believe that Yugo will contribute its small share by developing inter-cities and provinces connections.”

Indeed, while commercial aviation has not yet fully picked up, private aviation has been recovering at a much faster pace. And Yugo’s team is extremely eager to continue to provide flights services to customers who needs to fly private in the Philippines and in Asia Pacific.

About Yugo

Yugo Private Aviation is a private aviation company that focuses on providing private flights by helicopters and business jets at optimized costs anywhere, anytime.

Yugo’s flight services are powered by its air mobility platform and its global network throughout Asia Pacific.

Contact YUGO

Ms Camille Ngo
Commercial Operations Manager
camille @

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