Startup News Asia gathers English-language headline news on – primarily, but not exclusively – the early-stage tech, web and mobile scenes across South and Southeast Asia, and Australia and New Zealand.

In producing the monthly summaries, it was clear that the same information can provide a larger oversight in the form of a quarterly digest, delivering a data set around trends and coverage.

= quarterly news =

Online editioN:
Second quarter 2018

Print edition:
Q1 2018 Startup News

Q1 2018 Startup News Asia
• January, February & March 2018
• 91 pages, hardcopy, offline-to-online
• Country-focused technology and startup news

• Bound & delivered via HP’s MagCloud
• Direct to the original news source

Startup News Asia: First Quarter 2018

= Quarterly archives =

Startup News Asia: Q4 2017

4th Quarter 2017 Startup News Asia
• October, November & December 2017
• 94 pages, hardcopy, offline-to-online

Startup News Asia: Q3 2017

Q3 2017 Startup News Asia
• July, August & September 2017
• 92 pages, hardcopy, offline-to-online

Startup News Asia: Q2 2017

Q2 2017 Startup News Asia
• April, May & June 2017
• 86 pages, hardcopy, bound

Startup News Asia: Q1 2017

Q1 2017 Startup News Asia summary
• January, February & March 2017
• 94 pages, hardcopy, bound

Startup News Asia: Q4 2016

Q4 2016 Startup News Asia summary
• October, November & December 2016
• 90 pages, hardcopy, bound

Startup News Asia: Q3 2016

➤  Full Q3 Startup News Asia digest
July, August & September 2016
94 pages, hardcopy, bound

Q3 2016 sub-editions

China, Hong Kong & India collection
50 pages, hardcopy, bound

Australia & New Zealand round-up
48 pages, hardcopy, bound

Startup News Asia: Q2 2016

The first Startup News Asia quarterly summary spanned items reported in April, May and June 2016 and broke information into an alternative categorisation; rather than basing items on subject area, Startup News Asia Q2 provides a breakdown by country news.

The Q2 2016 summary can be purchased via MagCloud, providing 66 full-colour, high-quality perfect-bound pages,
covering the broad movements in the startup scenes in South and Southeast Asia – and occasionally what might be called greater Asia – and Australia & New Zealand.

Startup News Asia Q2 2016 Summary