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The daily, ongoing news update is the Startup News Asia’s backbone.

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Startup news on Twitter

on Twitter

Whilst Twitter has increasingly struggled to find a way forward in recent years, for Startup News Asia it’s a perfect fit, providing a short-form, at-a-glance platform for reporting on the Asian and Australian tech startup scenes.

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Startup News Asia on Facebook

on Facebook

Facebook obviously has a much larger footprint than Twitter in every way digitally.

That said, Startup News Asia was deliberately put together in a way that avoids the overhead of in-house editorial or commentary and so, for us, it’s a secondary tech startup news platform for the time being.

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Startup news on LinkedIn

on LinkedIn

Depending on your preferences or simply the time you want to allocate to primarily socially-focused platforms versus your professional goals, the Startup News Asia LinkedIn feed may be the best fit.

Given that the audience focus for Startup News Asia is an older, established professional in a small number of key professions, LinkedIn’s activity feed works well in delivering tech startup news to this base.

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wadekwright @wadekwright
Sri Lanka: PAYable cashless solution provider the most-awarded company at SLASSCOM Innovation Summit… https://t.co/n3BQ3ULf9j
h J R
wadekwright @wadekwright
China: US VC firm Matrix Partners raises $750M 5th China-focused fund https://t.co/Amd7XII9Fa #china… https://t.co/hxt08YqiwC
h J R
wadekwright @wadekwright
What IoT, smart cities and smart government technology will mean for citizens https://t.co/b8jmHDlmhI #IoT… https://t.co/34vqqw622Y
h J R
wadekwright @wadekwright
A look at methods for creating citizen-focused experiences in IoT-driven smart cities https://t.co/rQ1pwSv2Athttps://t.co/a4MsIi7I4l
h J R
wadekwright @wadekwright
An overview of 4 countries where artificial intelligence and blockchain technology work hand-in-hand… https://t.co/QxcMUmQMLa
h J R