Asia’s startup news: Daily, monthly, quarterly

The aim with Startup News Asia is simple:

to provide an ongoing snapshot of startup news in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Australia & New Zealand, broadly spanning early-stage tech startups.

Our target audiences are:

readers who want headline level knowledge, rather than in-depth analysis;
observers who need an overview, rather than drill-down detail; and
commentators who want at-a-glance, rather than deep industry expertise.


~ Components ~

There are currently 3 components to Startup News Asia,
with a 4th – an email newsletter – in the pipeline.

We can also produce subject-specific news summaries;
in March 2017, for instance,
we focused on blockchain-related news as reported
broadly across South and Southeast Asia, and
Australia and New Zealand.


Daily startup news

Daily Asian startup news

via Twitter and LinkedIn




Monthly summaries

Monthly startup news summaries

as a printable PDF and via Issuu




Quarterly publications

Asia's startup news, quarterly

in hardcopy via MagCloud


= Current quarterly edition =
– Q1 2017 –

Q1 2017 Startup News for Asia

Startup News Asia, 1st quarter 2017
94 pages
Professionally bound
• Offline-to-online
• Direct to source
Order online via MagCloud


~ March 2017 ~

Monthly startup news summaries are collated
at the close of the preceding month.

Monthly summaries are available in two formats:


PDF download for printing

Download Startup News Asia

Startup News Asia: March 2017, pdf




Issuu flipbook for online reading

Startup news online

Startup News Asia: March 2017, on Issuu


= Countries covered =

The countries we cover change each month, depending simply on the volume of English-language startup news reported in the preceding month.

Australia  /  Cambodia  /  China

Hong Kong  /  India  /  Indonesia  /  Japan  /  Philippines

South Korea  /  Malaysia  /  Myanmar

 New Zealand  /  Singapore  /  Taiwan

Thailand  /  Vietnam


~ also on Steem ~

You can also find our startup news collections on blockchain-based social media platform Steem.



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